What is Sisterhood?

In order to strengthen the bonds between our members, our Sisterhood Committee puts on fun events throughout the semester! Our classes get to know each other at the Sisterhood Retreat. Once the Baby Gems, our newest class, have had time to get to know each other, our members preference Big/Littles. These friendships last a lifetime! In the spring, we host our moms for Mom's Weekend - in the past, we've had brunch, tea, and painted at Painting With a Twist. In the fall, we invite our dads to College Station to shoot skeet with us! As one of our pillars, putting emphasis on the importance of sisterhood is one of our main priorities.


Held after the arrival of our Baby Gems, our annual Sisterhood Retreat is a great way for new members and old members to create new friendships. Each retreat has a different theme and activity planned! Our new members find out their committees and have the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun setting! 



As Baby Gems get to know the old members more, they're encouraged to go on dates in order to bond with older members! After a week of dates, each member prefs their top choice for their big and little. Having a Big as a new member is a great way to have a support system as the member becomes more involved in Aggie Gems. After each member has been paired with a Baby Gem, they leave clues for the Baby Gem until Big/Little reveal!

Many of our members say their Big/Little experience is one of their favorite parts of Aggie Gems.

Dad's Day

Every fall, our dads join us for a fun weekend together! This year, our members bonded with their dads over a day of skeet shooting. We also have lunch together and play some games with our dads. We love our Gems dads and look forward to this event every year!


Mom's Weekend

In the spring, our Sisterhood chairs put on Mom's Weekend! We cherish this time to bond with our moms. Last year, we enjoyed Mom's Weekend at Painting With a Twist, where we had lunch and a silent auction that members could choose to participate in! In the past, we've also enjoyed a Mom's Weekend brunch. We love hosting our Gems moms, who do so much for us every day!

Sisterhood Events

In addition to all of these fun events, our Sisterhood committee also puts on fun bonding events throughout the semester. In the past, we've bundled up for S'mores Night, played laser tag, gone ice skating, painted pumpkins, watched The Bachelor, kick boxed, and made gingerbread houses at our Christmas party! Our Sisterhood committee does a great job of making sure we have a blast together and get to do a range of activities.