What is Social?

Attending a university as large and involved as Texas A&M is an exciting opportunity, but sometimes it can be hard to meet new people! As Gems, our Social Committee puts on different events throughout the semester in order to encourage inter-organization bonding and friendships. Social events are a great way to make the community at Texas A&M feel a little smaller! Many great friendships have emerged from tailgates, paint parties, and 90's mixers. Community involvement is one of our pillars, so as Gems, in addition to serving in the BCS community, we strive to stay involved in our university community of Aggies!



Throughout the semester, we mix with different men's organizations. These mixers all have different activities and themes, and allow us to get to know our fellow Aggies on another level! In the past, we've held tailgates, done a PJ and Karaoke night, jammed out at our Hit Me 90's One More Time mixer, and so much more. Our Social Chairs work hard to coordinate with other organizations and make sure each event is a success for our members!

Date Parties

Each semester, we host either a date party or a crush party. In the spring, we host a crush party for our members, where each member can bring two 'crushes' to the party! In the fall, we typically host a Halloween costume date party. Our members have so much fun inviting dates to these events and getting to know each other in a fun, relaxed environment!



In the spring, we have our semi-formal, and in the fall, we have our winter formal. These opportunities are very special to members, some of whom spend all semester waiting for our formal! Many members of Gems credit formal or semi-formal for developing their friendships within the organization even more than before, and these events are always a favorite.