Our Committees


Sisterhood Committee is responsible for increasing bonds and friendships within Aggie Gems. Our members bond over fun activities provided every month, our annual Sisterhood Retreat, and Big/Little events! Sisterhood works hard to make each event a success. We also host members' moms in the spring for Mom's Weekend, and our members' dads in the fall for Dad's Weekend! Check out our Sisterhood tab to see more.



Our Service Committee coordinates all of our opportunities to serve throughout each semester. We serve with underprivileged preschoolers at Head Start College Station, play bingo with the residents at Waterford Nursing Home, and participate in various other service opportunities in the BCS community, such as Trick or Treat at Wolf Pen Creek. Check out our service tab to see more.

Public - Relations

Instagram? Those cute shirts you see around campus? Each piece of marketing material you see is done by our Public-Relations Committee! They design shirts and other merchandise throughout the semester, while also coordinating our social media channels and various other PR opportunities, such as banners and flyers!



The Philanthropy Committee works hard to ensure that our members are always giving back to the community. We love spending time with our philanthropy, Head Start College Station, and having the ability to bless others. Want to know more about our philanthropy? Visit the Philanthropy tab! 


The Social Committee strives to allow our members opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. Each semester, Social hosts a date or crush party, mixers, and a formal or semi-formal. Our members remember these memories forever and have a blast together! Want to know more? 



Our Fundraising Committee uses leadership and business skills in order to better fund our organization. We raise money through profit shares, while also hosting a variety of fun fundraisers. In the past, we have participated in Kyle Field Cleanup, held raffles, sold cookie dough, and so much more! Our Chairs find new ways to make raising money fun! 

Mind and body

Mind and Body is focused on making sure each Gem can find a balance with mental and physical health while being in the organization and college. Each semester, we will have group activities like walks and yoga, speakers on mental and women’s health, and destress activities.