As women of the Bryan/College Station community, we are constantly striving to improve the lives of those around us. We achieve this through our involvement in service events and volunteer opportunities, as well as our involvement with our philanthropy. We participate in The Big Event, host an animal adoption event in the spring, and volunteer with HeadStart College Station every week. As Gems, we desire to leave a lasting impact on the BCS area by participating in opportunities bigger than ourselves. 

Aggie Gems is about more than celebrating professional achievements. The relationships created in Aggie Gems allow each member to feel that she has a constant support system through all walks of life. Aggie Gems creates the foundation for lifelong friendships that carry into life after college. Our sisterhood is like always having a shoulder to lean on. The friendships in Aggie Gems will touch your life, whether you find new roommates or befriend a future bridesmaid.

Aggie Gems encourages leadership both within our organization and within Texas A&M University as a whole. There are ample opportunities for members to grow as leaders, such as holding Officer positions or contributing to a Committee. These roles allow our members to grow as leaders as they become accustomed to showing drive and initiative, which benefits them as they graduate and begin their professional careers.

Part of our mission as Gems is to come alongside our members and support them as they pursue their goals and aspirations. Each woman in our sisterhood is diverse and unique in her thinking, actions, and ambitions. We seek to enable our members to achieve their dreams through leadership opportunities and organizational, professional, and personal development. Each member of Aggie Gems has a unique support system containing women who encourage, uplift, and empower one another.